Cooking as self-expression: Nostalgia

Part of becoming an ‘individual’, as opposed to merely existing, is learning how to arrange bits of the outer world around us to align with our own internal worlds. Learning how to cook has a big role to play in this, for it represents a commitment to aligning what goes in our bodies with our true beliefs and hopes.

No longer are we merely fed by the world, and passively 'ingest' whatever it serves up, we learn to define what we need and ensure we know ourselves how to secure it.

By openly embarking on cooking projects that are likely to turn out rather badly (judged by an ideal standard), but are still actually good enough to eat; we are forcibly – and usefully – keeping ourselves in touch with the profound truth that we can fail by the standards of an overly-ambitious world – and yet still be fine and on some days truly happy; because we have accepted the imperfect nature of reality. We won’t hold our slight mistakes against ourselves or others, and we understand that the ultimate goal is simply that we enjoy our meal.

Join us in a ‘cooking jam’ to explore your relationship with food and cooking and share this experience with the community in this unique session!

How it works:
Based on the theme ‘nostalgia’ (note: a feeling of pleasure and also slight sadness when you think about things that happened in the past), prepare your dish, recipe and ingredient before the session.

In this session, we will have group activity, breakout ‘experiment’ where you cook/prepare your dish, end with mindful eating and group sharing. It can be anything - as simple as a peanut butter sandwich or cereal milk!

How much does it cost?
This event is free for all as it is a pilot session involving culinary endeavour. We hope that you will support this event by sharing it with your friend and giving us feedback to improve upon the experience design!

Please register by: 19th June (Fri) 5pm
We will email you the Zoom link a day prior to the session!

2.20 - 2.30pm: Virtual registration
2.30 - 2.50pm: Start + Ice breaker
2.50 - 3.00pm: Activity briefing
3.00 - 3.30pm: Cooking time!
3.30 - 4.15pm: Mindful eating + sharing
4.15 - 4.30pm: Wrap-Up and group harvest

Who should join?
Anyone who is adventurous, open to share, eager to learn, and happy to meet new people.

Tien Cin Yong
Compassionate. Insightful. Non-conformist. Young in looks but old at heart, this girl is passionate about nutrition, health and fitness coaching, yoga as well as other components of overall wellness. She strives to help others build better relationships, not just with other human beings; but also with food, exercise, the surrounding nature and most importantly, ourselves.

Own Your Story (OYS) is a community-run platform that cultivates personal development and human connection through 'fun, explorative and experiential' activities. Our mission is to create a safe space that empowers self-expression, exploration and growth, building authentic human connection in the process.
Sat Jun 20, 2020
2:30 PM - 4:30 PM MYT
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